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Reunion Payment Information

All payments for the reunion events are requested to be done through this web site using the below Paypal buttons or links for each event you plan to attend.

The deadline to RSVP/pay for the events you plan on attending is June 24th, 2013.

The chief financial officer for the reunion committiee is Beth Lindsey (Maiden Name: Delong). If you have any questions regarding payments you have submitted contact her directly via email here.

Listed below are the payment buttons/links for each of the three days/events.

You will need to select the payment button/link seperately for EACH event you wish to attend.

If you want to attend all three events, you have to return to this page to pay for each individual event. You will then be taken to a secure web page where you will submit the payment details page for that specific event.

Friday, July 5th - Meet & Greet Adult Social

7/5 Adult Social - # Attending
Class Year

Saturday, July 6th - Family/Adult Social

7/6 Family/Adult Social - # Attending
Class Year
Which hotel are u staying at?

Sunday, July 7th - Lunch/Play Day at Cliff's

In order to purchase the tickets for the Sunday event, you must pay for it through Cliff's web site.
To select what ticket packages you want and pay for them click --> HERE

If you can't submit a payment for the Sunday event at Cliff's online, you can pay by phone at (505) 881-9373 Ext. 119 (remember to tell them you are attending the Del Norte Reunion on July 7th). You can also call them to get information on how to pay for the event via a check using US mail.

Donations For Less Fortunate Alumni

In order to help out alumni who woudn't normally be able to come due to the cost, we are providing a way for you to donate extra money should you feel inclined to do so to help pay for any fellow alumni who wouldn't be able to come otherwise.

If you choose to donate and wish it to be for a specific person, please input their name in the field labled as such.

Alumni Fees Donations - # of Adults
Specific Alumni Donating For?

Failure to pay to attend the event in advance will cost you an extra $5 per person for the Friday/Saturday events.

Failure to pay for the Sunday event will cause you to pay out the nose to get into the park and not permit you to attend the lunch. With that said, please pay online using this page for each event you plan on attending!

If you cannot submit your payment electronically for whatever reason, send us an inquiry via our "Contact Us" page to correspond with us about conducting another form of payment.

Any left over funds from the money collected for the 25th Reunion after it's expenditures will be donated to the DNHS Alumni Association's general operating fund as a group donation from the Class of 1988.

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